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LGBT Flag Welcome to Muskoka Lakes

LGBT Flag Bienvenue à Muskoka Lakes

LGBT Flag 歡迎馬斯科卡湖

LGBT Flag 欢迎马斯科卡湖

LGBT Flag Benvenuti a Muskoka Lakes

LGBT Flag Bienvenido a Muskoka Lagos

LGBT Flag Willkommen in Muskoka Lakes


Maple Trail 2017

Top Maple Experiences on now through April 29, 2017

Build your own Maple adventure with a maple tour through Muskoka Lakes. Check out the sugar bush at Brooklands Farms or join in their maple extravaganza weekend on April 1 & 2. Start any day off right with pancakes topped with maple syrup from Brooklands at The Hook and Ladder Restaurant in Bala.

Brooklands Farm Maple Trail Muskoka Lakes

Sugar bush tours at Brooklands Farm

Sample a maple inspired soup at Cottage Cravings or pick up some maple dipped cookies.

Afterward, why not take in a Canadian signature experience at Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh/Muskoka Lakes Winery with a maple gourmet coffee by the fire or a free sample of Red Maple Dessert Wine served in a decadent chocolate cup.

Johnston's Maple Trail Muskoka Lakes

Maple espresso at Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh

In Minett, take in the breathtaking vista from the JW Marriott, the Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa while sipping a maple hot beverage and maple syrup inspired dessert. Plus they offer maple syrup information sessions on Saturdays.

Maple Trail, JW Marriott

Maple inspired desserts at JW Marriott

Hop on our part of the Muskoka Maple Trail from now through   April 29.

Must Make Maple Stops:

Brookland Farms:
Sugar Bush Tours at the farm

JW Marriott, The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa
–        Maple hot beverage and maple dessert, plus maple syrup information sessions on Saturdays

Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh
–        Maple Dessert Wine + Maple Espressos by the fire

The Hook & Ladder Pancake Breakfast

Cottage Cravings
–        Delicious maple dipped cookies & hearty maple soups

Red Maple Wine Maple Trail Muskoka

Red Maple Dessert Wine at Muskoka Lakes Winery

Maple Syrup

First Maple Taste at Brooklands Farm

Maple Trail JW Marriott Muskoka Lakes

Maple Beverage at JW Marriott





Muskoka Lakes Hook and Ladder

Pancakes and Maple Syrup at Hook and Ladder







Maple Trail Muskoka Lakes

Making maple dipped cookies at Cottage Cravings