Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

    Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
1116 Crawford St, Utterson, ON, Canada, Utterson, Muskoka Lakes Township

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a valued providers of wildlife rehabilitation, care and related public education. You can help by donating to the sanctuary. Donate now.

Note to Visitors: All tours are by appointment only. Please call 705-732-6368 to book a tour.


  • To rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife
  • To provide quality care that avoids habituation to humans and respects each animal’s need for a safe, healthy, species-appropriate environment while in captivity
  • To release animals into the wild in a condition that gives them the best possible chance for survival
  • To provide a permanent home for native species unable to survive in the wild due to human interference
  • To educate the public about issues surrounding wildlife and wildlife interactions with humans
  • To work within the established rules and regulations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

To care for injured and orphaned wildlife and, once rehabilitated, return them to their natural environment. For animals requiring permanent care, to provide an environment that satisfies their biological and behavioural needs.

This important sanctuary needs your help to continue helping the animals. You can donate by clicking here

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