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All welcome to join in celebrating 150 years of Bala.

Includes: Bala 150 town photo opposite Bala Sports Arena. Show up by 12.45pm to find
your place in this moment of history.

Who is invited? All present or former Bala
residents or cottagers, plus anyone who wants to celebrate a special memory of our
wonderful town. YOU are definitely invited.

Community BBQ: The Bala Legion will be hosting a BBQ for all those who have come
back to Bala to attend the 150th anniversary of the town that Thomas Burgess started in
1868. Meet old friends. Share stories and memories.

BALA: The Way It Was And Now Is Bala Community Centre
A Powerpoint presentation celebrating memories of Fairyland, Dunn’s Pavilion,
Carr’s Ice Cream Parlour, John W. Burgess General Store, the arrival of the first CPR
train, Louis Armstrong at Dunn’s Pavilion and many other glimpses of the past.

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