About the Student Work Placement Program and Student Hiring Tool

Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce new tools to connect local businesses with local talent and drive growth – and potentially provide our Chamber members with wage subsidies of up to $7500 (available for Fall and Winter student workplace program hires).

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This Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) offers eligible employers up to $7,500 when they hire Canadian post-secondary students for work integrated learning (WIL) placements. In a period of downturn, SWPP can be valuable in helping employers boost capacity with new talent while offsetting costs.

SUBSIDY ELIGIBILITY: This subsidy only applies when the student is on a post secondary school workplace program some type while working for you, such as an internship, apprenticeship, field placement or in a co-op program or any WIL placement (even a remote placement). Ineligible placements: Red Seal trades as they are funded differently.

If interested in the program, please contact the Chamber to learn more and so we can help you access this funding. ACT FAST as funding is presently available for Fall and Winter semester placements only until March 31, 2021. We are hopeful the program will be extended for spring and summer. Either way, it’s good to sign up to use the incredible job matching power of this program.


Powered by Magnet, job seekers and businesses can access a free to use digital platform that uses intelligent matching technology to connect employers with talent and make recruitment efforts easy and efficient. Given COVID, you can even hire students to work for you remotely. For example, you could hire a graphic design student needing to show workplace experience to work for you from their home – from anywhere in Canada.

There are TWO ways to get started.

  • Contact us to let us know you are interested, and we will “Jump Start” you to the fastest way to apply for the Fall or Winter semesters to potentially get your subsidy. Call 705 762-5663 or email info@musca
  • Sign up now through our Chamber’s portal by Clicking Here

ONE PLEASE MUST DO: Please let us know at the Chamber that you have signed up. Part of the program requires us to track our Chamber member employers engaged with the program. And once you Apply through the Survey Monkey portion of the application, be sure to check off the box that asks how you learned about the program (through the Chamber) and write in Muskoka Lakes Chamber.

Questions? Contact us today.

INFO SESSION MONDAY NOVEMBER 23 at NOON. Please RSVP for this session to info@muskokalakeschamber.ca