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Join Terry,  one of Canada’s most celebrated and successful marketing minds, as he dispenses small business marketing insights peppered with his trademark storytelling. Terry is frequently asked to speak to companies and organizations on the power of marketing. A very passionate (and humorous) presenter, he has a unique and insightful viewpoint on what it takes to truly connect with customers in this day and age. Terry talks about the power of big ideas, and how those ideas can change perceptions and behavior. His themes are applicable to any sector,
as he focusses on the thinking behind effective campaigns, out-of-the-box strategic insights, how to create a powerful identity, why brands matter (big or small), and how to cut through the data smog with ideas that are impossible to ignore. Terry is heard on his very entertaining and influential CBC Radio show “Under The Influence.” Terry also has a new book out: “This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence.” The evening will be full of insights for small business owners, and for fans of his radio show, he will be telling amusing stories from his long career in advertising.

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