The community now known as Torrance was settled in 1870 by three men; William Torrance, Joseph Coulter, and George Jestin; and their families. All were originally from Eramosa, a small community near Guelph, Ontario. Torrance, Coulter, and Jestin traveled to Muskoka in 1869 to investigate a Free Land Grant offer made by the Government of Canada. After realizing the sheer beauty and boundless potential of the area, they relocated their families to start life anew in Muskoka; each purchasing 100 acres of land for $0.75 apiece. William Torrance, as the first postmaster of the community, was honoured when the town was given his name. By 1906, the railway had reached Torrance, expanding its potential as a tourist destination and summer resort community. Torrance is proud of its history; and as the only stop in West Muskoka on Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Canada in 1959, the community named Queen’s Walk Road in her honour.

When in Torrance:

  • Visit Sunset Park beach by the Torrance dock on Lake Muskoka.
  • Check out Clear Lake Brewing Co.
  • Don’t miss the Torrance Barrens, featuring North America’s first Dark Sky Preserve and Hardy Lake Provincial Park for great hiking trails.

Photo of Torrance Bay courtesy of George Popadynec. Visit his website for more stunning photos of Muskoka.