To all Chamber Members,
The Chamber said it wanted to hear from Members, and so here are my thoughts.
My business is shut down. I am totally in favour of the shut-downs and we are doing our bit to flatten the curve.
This is a time to put aside all of our individual interests and stand united, if not, this virus will continue to spread.
This health crisis is too important to be ignored but unfortunately, many businesses that are not on the essential list seem to think otherwise. It is so frustrating to see this and to listen to their stories and how they are twisting the truth to find loop holes.
I see many garden maintenance companies out there doing clean ups and landscapers continuing construction. Plumbers opening up cottages for the city people, not essential services, and certainly not what is meant by ‘stay home’.
Some customers of mine are telling me that gardening is happening in Toronto in full view and police are driving by, not doing anything.
The biggest issue seems to be the lack of enforcement of this emergency ruling.
I contacted the Mayors of Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes and they both said the same thing: although they agree with me, there is nothing they can do to enforce the ruling.
What good is this essential businesses list if there is no way to enforce other non-essential businesses to stay shut and to charge them if they don’t? I believe that Ottawa has passed a by-law so they can actually enforce this. Why can’t this be done here?
There is going to be a lot of pressure on the businesses that are obeying the rules, from customers and employees, if they see other similar businesses work. Why should we be the ones being penalized, when we are the ones that are following the rules?
Thanks for listening,
Linda Pots
Brackenrig Nursery and Maintenance
office: 705.765.6261
cell: 705.644.9808
Note: The Chamber is encouraging members to share their opinions and provide updates on how they are managing during the COVID-19 crisis. Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect any official position of the Chamber or its Board of Directors.